Some Big Changes Coming…

...not to this blog, but in my life. I've been waiting to make this post because not everything was finalized and official yet. However, as of last week, I will officially be changing jobs! I have been at my current company since the end of July and when I first started, I thought the place … Continue reading Some Big Changes Coming…


February Holidays

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since my last post but with some potential changes that will be happening (hopefully soon), things have gotten a little hectic and I've been waiting for things to finalize before finally making a post about all of that. While I wrestled back and forth about what to … Continue reading February Holidays

Bell Let’s Talk

Hey Guys! Today is a very important day in the social media world. Today is Bell Let's Talk Day! In case you aren't sure what Bell Let's Talk is, here are a few brief paragraphs from their website,  . Feel free to go check it out! In September 2010, Bell Let’s Talk began a new conversation about … Continue reading Bell Let’s Talk