Allow Me to (RE)Introduce Myself

Due to the break in posts that I took, I thought it would be fun for me to do a little questionnaire so that those who are new to following me can learn a little bit about me without me just telling you my name, age, and interests and those who have stuck around with … Continue reading Allow Me to (RE)Introduce Myself


Excuse My Absence

Hey all! Things have definitely been CRAZY around here lately. I sincerely apologize for the long delay between posts and I promise I that I am working on this. It has taken me a little while to settle in with the new job and adjusting to a different schedule but I am finally feeling at … Continue reading Excuse My Absence

Bell Let’s Talk

Hey Guys! Today is a very important day in the social media world. Today is Bell Let's Talk Day! In case you aren't sure what Bell Let's Talk is, here are a few brief paragraphs from their website,  . Feel free to go check it out! In September 2010, Bell Let’s Talk began a new conversation about … Continue reading Bell Let’s Talk