Three More Letters to My Name

Happy Fall! (even though it felt nothing like Fall today where I live)

I wanted to do a little update post so that I can keep posting semi-frequently on here until I finally get down a good system to write posts more often. So this summer has definitely been the best one yet- finished my masters classes, got engaged to the love of my life, started wedding planning, moved to the suburbs, and landed a full-time job that I absolutely love! This will be a summer that I never forget and I am so thankful for all of the positive vibes that have come my way the past few months.

Although there were so many positives to this summer, I am still experiencing some stress. I still have my thesis to do and working 40+ hours every week is making it difficult for me to find time to work on my thesis. I am so afraid I’m falling super fair behind, especially as I am starting to see more people from my cohort passing their board exam and I’m still sitting here trying to officially get my masters under my belt. That being said, I am extremely motivated to finish it up and get it done with for good! I keep giving my thesis chair bull shit reasons I can’t call him during our scheduled meeting times and promising him emails I’m not sending. I feel a little guilty, but at the same time, I just haven’t been that motivated. Seeing my workplace also interviewing more people that are credentialed is motivating me to finish sooner so I can get a higher up position and get that pay bump! Effective immediately, I am going to start using my planners more (I might do an updated planner post soon) and get my butt in gear to finish this thesis once and for all!

Speaking of credentials, I can officially add 3 letters to the end of my name as of tonight because I passed my registered behavior technician (RBT) exam! I honestly wasn’t preparing much for it, which had me a little worried throughout the day today (my test wasn’t until 6:30pm). I did 2 mock exams last night and a quizlet review today before I left. I was slightly worried that my mock exam that I took last night I was able to finish in less than half an hour when it was written similar to the real exam and the real exam you are allotted 90 minutes. When I went in for the exam today, I finished getting checked in by 6:05pm and they let me start right away. Unfortunately there were internet issues and I sat in front of the screen for 25 minutes before the test administrator called someone and told them to reboot the internet. Thankfully this wasn’t cutting in to my actual testing time since I never officially pressed start on the exam (since that screen wouldn’t even load). I finished and reviewed my answers in approximately 40 minutes, which even left the test administrators a little stunned. When they saw me come through the testing door, they said to each other, “She’s done already??”. Thankfully I was handed a piece of paper that stated I had passed! I don’t know what my score was, and I hope I get to find that out, even though it’s not that important since I know it was good enough to pass. Either way, it’s one thing to knock off the list and a weight lifted from my shoulder.

Those were the main things I wanted to hit on in this post, so I’m sorry this is a little short. I have lots of posts planned for the future, I just hope I find time to write them!



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