Our Engagement Story

Hey guys!

I originally wanted to make this post about my new first big girl job but in the past 48 hours, there has been a lot of chaos on that front due to a spur of the moment offer from another site and there’s a lot going on there. Needless to say, I’m waiting to cross compare the two once an official offer is on the table and will update you guys then [all of this has caused me to be very physically and mentally drained with the way it was all presented to me and I will explain this in my job post as well].

Since there’s lots going on with my current employment situation, I figured it was fitting to share our engagement story with you! It all happened May 26, 2017 (the Friday of Memorial Day weekend). Luke took off work that day since he had a bunch of PTO he wasn’t going to use up prior to resigning as a paraprofessional. He played it off as wanting to have a nice 4 day weekend with me and of course that sounded legit enough for me considering I was done with classes and not working. We went out for breakfast at one of our favorite places close to our city condo called Stax to kick off our morning. I made a comment to Luke near the end of breakfast that he barely ate anything (he normally eats everything and very quickly but ended up taking home more than half of his omelette). He said his mom must have been right about if he eats slower he’ll feel full faster. Sure, I buy it, whatever. We came home, took my dog for a walk and just sort of hung out for most of the day. He had told me earlier in the week he wanted to take me out for a nice dinner that I could dress up for. He didn’t tell me where we were going, just told me to wear one of my dresses and to be ready to get an uber at 6:30.

It was pretty cold that day and he insisted I wear one of my cardigans with the dress in case it was cold inside. It was also raining so I didn’t do anything to my hair except straighten it. When we left, he wouldn’t let me use my phone to get the uber because he still didn’t want me to know where we were going (he’s done this to me a couple of other times in the past). It turns out, we were going to Navy Pier and he still wouldn’t tell me which of the many restaurants at Navy Pier we were going to. Finally, he started slowing down when we came to the booth to pick up reserved tickets for The Odyssey Dinner Cruise. I know he had been somewhat hinting about this, trying to figure out if I was prone to feeling motion sickness from the boat or if I would get anxiety being stuck in a more confined space with people. He had reserved us a window seat which was absolutely amazing, despite the rain that was coming down when we first left the dock.

Our waiter was super nice and accommodating and apologized profusely when we had asked for our first course to be brought out and it was brought to us 35 minutes after everyone else was well into their second course. Between dinner and dessert being served, Luke told our waiter we were going to head up to the observation deck and we would take our dessert when we returned. Our waiter said alright and we went up to the deck. Luke left his phone in clear sight on the end table and I questioned him about this saying maybe he should bring it with or at least move it somewhere out of sight so someone wouldn’t take it. He said it’ll be fine, we can get pictures of the skyline on my phone, and continued up to the observation deck. Little did I know, that was part of his plan.

Once we got to the observation deck, we could see the entire skyline of the city lit up. It was absolutely amazing. Of course, I did not bring my jacket up with me and was shivering within seconds of being outside. At this point, Luke got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I know, it seems a little less picturesque than some girls dream about; no big speech beforehand, cold rain is gently spitting down, and the girl is shivering cold. But to me, everything in that moment was absolutely perfect. Of course I said yes and then our waiter began taking more photos (in the midst of me shivering and staring at the skyline, he had come to the deck with two glasses of champagne as well as Luke’s phone to photograph the moment). When we returned to our table, it had been decorated with rose petals arranged into a heart and a dessert was waiting for us!

After we FaceTimed and called our families and the dinner cruise docked back at Navy Pier, we went out to a bar in River North where Luke surprised me with some of our closest friends to celebrate. It was an unbelievable night that I will definitely never forget. It was the most amazing and memorable night of my life and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it (okay, maybe the temperature outside and the fact that Luke then left his phone in the back of our uber home and we stayed up until 5am waiting for the uber driver to bring it back). I later found out that Luke had been taking photos all throughout the day to document everything we did, from me sleeping in the morning with Rambo, to breakfast, to our dog walks, to getting Diet Cokes from McDonalds and getting ready for dinner. I also found out he did in fact have an entire speech all planned out but I was cold and in all honesty, he said his mind drew a complete blank when we got up to the deck and he forgot it all.

There are many little details I am leaving out from this story, but I don’t want to make this post too long because I could talk about this night forever if someone let me. I will however share some photos from that night (the quality is not the greatest), a better ring shot, and some of our goodies from the dinner cruise and our friends on that night:


Luke did an absolutely amazing job with the ring and I later found out he had asked both of my parents back in March (they kept it a secret for 2 months from me!) and that immediately after he picked up the ring, he went to my parent’s house to show my mom and get his opinion on it. Everyone asks if I knew he would do it that night and in all honesty, I had a feeling. It wasn’t completely out of the blue and it wasn’t a major surprise but I had no idea what the ring looked like and had no idea about going to a bar afterwards to see our friends. It was an absolutely amazing and perfect night and it’s something I relive in my head over and over and I will never forget it ❤

This was originally written last night but I couldn’t get the photos uploaded so I apologize if some of this was written like I was half asleep, because I very well might have been. Sorry for the long and mushy post, but I felt it was warranted after my couple months off from my blog 🙂




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